What's new?

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What's new? (3.06.2024)

  • Web scrolling option. 
  • Improving the display of HTML Widgets. 
  • Updating the web playback module. 
  • Securing an error showing interactive buttons. 
  • Support icon in Pictor Manager. (10.04.2024)

  • Improvement of the installer (optional libraries for subscriptions). 
  • Icons for new items in the content list. 
  • Graphical indication of the types of content available in the active licence. 
  • Interruption of static content if it has run out. 
  • Improvement of the import of the player list. 
  • Hiding of the playback time configuration for video content.

3.23 (23.02.2024)

  • Pictor Manager user registration option and linking of assigned players. 
  • New countdown item to a specified date and/or time. 
  • Pictor Manager user registration option and linking of assigned players. 
  • New countdown item to a specified date and/or time. 
  • Option to display the item every specified time. 
  • Configuring of the player group name in the configuration. 
  • Minor adjustments.

3.22 (10.10.2023)

  • Improved interactive menu. 
  • Minimise password. Minimise lock via ESC and double click. 
  • Option to change only user-added content. 
  • Remember who added and edited content. 
  • Sound option when changing an item. 
  • Group players in group edit tab. 
  • Option to mute region speech. 
  • Improved text alignment. 
  • Pixabay image finder - additional filters. 
  • Change display time limit. 
  • Additional parameters for table type content. Content display frequency option

3.21 (7.04.2023)

  • Downloading images from Pixabay. 

  • Background music - a separate tile in the list of regions. 
  • Internet radio search engine. 
  • Analysis of PLS and M3U files with radio stations. 
  • More types of audio files. 
  • Air quality for worldwide locations. 
  • Speech - reading forecast and air quality data. 
  • Adding multiple files to a playlist at the same time via the explorer window or by dragging. 
  • Deleting multiple playlist items at the same time.
  • Context menu of the playlist with group management option.

3.20 (6.02.2023)

  • Reading content associated with an item - making it easier for people with disabilities. 
  • On-screen animation of images in the form of smooth zooming in and out. 
  • Limitation of the maximum image adjustment factor in fill mode. 
  • Option for automatic image background. 
  • Option for two lines in the titles of playlist items. 
  • Option for placing the title at the bottom of the screen (left, right, centre).

3.19 (7.12.2022)

  • Option to limit the number of times a playlist item can be played. 
  • New slide - date and time. 
  • Option to align subtitles in the description of a text ad. 
  • Import and export of item/region appearance settings. 
  • Manager - sorting the list of players. 
  • Adding a background image with a photo. 
  • Improving the file extension check (case sensitive). 
  • Selecting the TCP port of a direct connection. 
  • Reports on the display of playlist items in PDF. 
  • IP camera image cropping option. 
  • IP camera image effects. Minor corrections and functional improvements

3.18 (11.08.2022)

  • Option to select monitor.
  • Option not to hide taskbar. 
  • Option to change content shown with back and forward arrows (keyboard connected to Player). 
  • Repository of files and other types of content. 
  • Background images of weather forecasts and air quality. 
  • Improvement of some screen layouts. 
  • Background images of weather forecasts and air quality. 
  • Repository of files and other types of content. 
  • Option to change language. 
  • Improvement of PDF display. 
  • Confirmation of new user password. 
  • Edit selected content list items directly in the list (activity, custom name). 
  • New field for content: Own name. 
  • Option to drag a file from Windows Explorer directly into the content list. 
  • Separate configuration of transparency for titles and descriptions (announcements, images). 
  • Option to insert date and time into the information bars

3.17 (16.05.2022)

  • Font tags in the schedule: B, I, U, ...
  • Improved schedule recording (automatic exit from the edited cell).
  • Update the display of a single item if it changes.
  • New types of licences.

3.16 (17.03.2022)

  • Improved compatibility with players below version 3.15.
  • Subscriptions and bundling of licences.
  • Visual changes at Manager.

3.15 (18.12.2020)

  • Adding time and date stamps to the title and content of text ads. 
  • Option to limit the display of a playlist item for selected days of the week and times. 
  • Changing the colour scheme of Pictor Manager. 
  • Improving the removal of a registered player from Pictor Manager.

3.14 (8.05.2020)

  • Changing the default appearance / layout. 
  • Naming customised appearances / layouts. 
  • Option to select a configurable appearance for playlists. Asking you to save changes before exiting the tab. 
  • Greying up selected save buttons if there have been no changes. 
  • Expanded possibilities to configure font colours. 
  • Playlists - option to add another playlist (shortcut to enable playlist activity) Update demo playlists.


  • Improved playback of IP cameras (switching regions from the calendar, pausing the stream). 
  • Restart of the player from the Manager. 
  • Option to check and download updates from the programmes menu. 
  • Calendar playlists - option to deselect the activity of an entry from the list level and a context menu to select all. 
  • Videos and cameras - option to adjust the voice level and mute completely. 
  • Date and time bar - improved change of time position. 
  • Option to set fonts for titles and descriptions for the region and individually for content.
  • Text adverts - reduce margins. 
  • Option to add multiple lines in the text type content for the day of the year. 
  • Manager - simplified addition of content. 
  • Option to add and remove content from multiple screens at the same time. 
  • Event log - save region number for events and log rss feed communication. 
  • Manager - move registration of new screen to screen list. 
  • Manager - change in appearance. 
  • Player - improved stability. Improved translations.


  • Self-activation of the licence. 
  • Blocking Pictor Player from running twice. 
  • Changing the default data directory to CommonAppData. 
  • Version number on the start-up screen. 
  • Improving FTP uploads (restoring directory structure).


  • User rights to add specific content. 
  • Double image - new type of slide. 
  • New layout of regions: 2 regions on the right. 
  • New region layout: Multiple regions + layout wizard. 
  • Redesign of region selection, playlist and info bars. 
  • Pictor Manager - speed up startup with multiple screens. 
  • Minor visual fixes. Naming of regions. 
  • Quick view of active playlist selection. Info bars - multiple RSS feeds. 
  • Improved return to full size when monitor is disconnected/connected.


  • Display of doc, docx documents.
  • Changing the display of pdf documents.
  • Option not to hide the mouse cursor.
  • Option to show on-screen keyboard for html slides (form filling).
  • Minor visual corrections.


  • Playback of mp3 music files.
  • Art-Net protocol: changing the displayed content by changing the channel values.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for displaying selected content.
  • Video in 4K quality.
  • Improved interactive menu buttons.

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