Installation and commissioning 

  • Can I mount the screen vertically?
    Of course. Remember to change the Display Orientation in Windows Screen Settings to Vertical (or inverted vertical). Pictor Player will maximize to the new screen dimensions. Remember to prepare your content in portrait orientation.
  • How to prepare a computer to work as a player?
    Read our article, in which we presented our suggested computer settings.
  • I received a shipment with a pre-purchased player and I don't know how to run it?
    Starting up the purchased player is quite simple. We have prepared a short manual describing the process of the first startup.


  • What types of content can I show with Pictor software?
    You can display image files, videos, documents, web pages, html widgets, RSS feeds, IP cameras and much more. See the article on content types.
  • How to automatically turn off the computer at night?
    It is best to use the Weekly Work Schedule option, which can be configured in the player's General Settings. For more on this, see the General Settings article.


  • Will I lose my current settings and data by updating Pictor Player?
    No data will be lost during the upgrade. All configured content will be retained. Also, the ID or password of the connection to the player will not change.


  • Can I change the license version after purchasing a subscription?
    You can change the license version yourself at any time by logging into the Customer Portal. Read the article on subscription management.
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    You can cancel your subscription yourself by logging into the Customer Portal. You can also send us a request and we will cancel your subscription.