Connection to the player

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You connect to Pictor Player from within Pictor Manager.

Types of connection

You can connect to each player in two ways. You select the connection type in Pictor Manager in the new player registration window.

Remote connection

It works from anywhere in the world without any additional configuration. All you need to do is know the player ID and connect to it wherever you are. This type of connection always works if you have a subscription, and you must have Pictor Remote Manager active if you purchase a single-payment licence (selected regions).

Remote connection features:

  • Works from anywhere - wherever you are you will connect to your player if you have internet access. 
  • Shows player status in the list - by launching Pictor Manager in the list of your players, you can see if the player is on, when it last reported to the server. The functionality is very convenient if you have more players. 
  • Android mobile app - only this type of connection is supported from the Pictor Manager mobile app for Android .

This connection is an outbound connection, using TCP port 6004. It is established with our server, which sets it up with a connection to Pictor Manager.

Local connection

To connect, you enter the IP address of the player on your local network. This method requires the ability to check what network address has been assigned to the player or to assign it a chosen address. From the outside, this connection will work if you do the appropriate forwarding on your network router.

Local connection features:

  • Faster data transfer - you connect to the player directly bypassing the servers. This makes player management faster.
  • Higher level of security - the entire system can operate in an isolated network.

This connection uses the open TCP port 6003. On this port the player waits for connections established with Pictor Manager.

Mixed connection

You can manage the local connection and, at the same time, use selected features of the remote connection, e.g. to view player status information.

By entering both the connection ID and the network IP address, you can manage the player locally and at the same time see your player statuses in the list.

Pictor Manager player registration

Okno rejestracji odtwarzacza.

In Pictor Manager, perform:

  1. Click the Add button in the list of your players. The button is located in the bottom menu of the window. 
  2. Make your choice of connection type:
    1. Enter the connection ID and password if you want the connection to work from anywhere. You can read this data from the Pictor Player window.
    2. Enter the IP address of the player if you wish to manage in a local network.
      1. Check Use by default if you have also entered remote connection details but want to connect locally by default (quicker to manage).
  3. Optionally, click on Test connection. This will check that you did not make a mistake when entering the data.
  4. Confirm with Ok.

The registered player will appear in the list of your players. If you have more players they will all be in this list.

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