Content tab

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In the Content tab, you configure all the items that are displayed on the player's screen. 

Menu of regions Copy link

At the top of the window, you see all the defined screen regions. By default, the first one will be selected, and below left you will see its playlists and the contents of the playlist in the central area.

Regions menu.

Playlist menuCopy link

On the left-hand side of the window is the region's playlist selection menu.

Playlist menu.

See Playlists topic.

Content management menuCopy link

At the bottom of the screen, you will find the content management menu.

Content management menu.


Adding a new item to the currently selected playlist.

Drag and drop is the fastest method of adding files to a playlist.


This option allows you to quickly indicate the file you want to add to the playlist.


Option to change the parameters of the selected slide.


The option to copy the selected slide. You can use it, for example, if you want to show the same slide several times in the list and you do not want to send multiple times to the file player.

Instead of duplicating, you can set the Playback frequency option for the item.


Option to change the order of content in the list. Moves the selected content up or down the list.


Option to delete the selected slide from the list. Note: Once confirmed, the slide will be completely deleted including the file in the player's data directory.

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