Content editing window

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The window opens when adding or editing a playlist item.

General tab


Selected slide type. The type is selected at the beginning and cannot be changed later.

Your item name

The name that describes the item is never shown on screen.

File name / background file

If a content type is associated with a file, you select it by clicking the button on the right [...]. Once the file has been uploaded to the player, it can no longer be changed.


Additional parameters related to the selected type of content, e.g. for the weather forecast you can select the form of presentation.

Additional data

Selection of additional data needed for the display, for example, selection of a measuring station for air quality or a locality for the weather forecast.


Displayed content heading, e.g. the title of the ad. You can leave the title blank, in which case it will not be displayed. Remember, not all content displays the title.


Text ad content or script for a widget-type slide.

Display time

Time in seconds how long the slide will be shown. A value of 0 (zero) means that the slide will play for the default time for the region (set in the Region Configuration). For videos, the parameter is not used.

Main content margin

Parameter only used for advertisements with a photo. The photo is moved away from the edge of the area by the entered number of pixels, as this often improves the appearance of the slide. The default is 10 pixels.


Disabling the activity means that the element will not be displayed. With the option, we can temporarily disable the selected element, but not remove it completely.


Colour scheme for text content, backgrounds, fonts and interactive buttons. The default scheme is defined in the region settings on the Appearance tab, further down the Regions tab. But for selected slides you can set your own colour scheme, e.g. to improve visibility against a photo background.

To configure individual settings for a slide, please:

  1. Click Appearance.
  2. Check the Use individual settings option.
  3. Change the settings accordingly.
  4. Confirm using the Ok button.

See the Appearance topic, where all options are described.

You can always revert to the default settings by selecting Use default settings.


It is good practice to define common appearance settings for all content in the Appearance tab so that their appearance is consistent.

Restrictions tab

Activity date range

If a start and/or end date and time is selected, only during the specified time period will the item be displayed.

Number of plays

Maximum number of displays.

Playback frequency

Time how often the item is to be shown. You do not need to duplicate playlist items to have them played every so often. Simply set the repeat frequency option.

Note: Do not set this option for all playlist items, as you may find that no item can be shown due to the restriction.

Weekly calendar of restrictions

If you select at least one day, only on the selected days and specified times will the item be displayed.

Speech tab

The text to be read when the element is displayed. You can use tags in text (see Tags in text). You can apply a different volume level for each element. 

The functionality supports visually impaired people and queues in offices.

Effects tab

Effects that modify the source image. Only works for selected content types.


IP camera image cropping option.


Settings for contrast, brightness, saturation of the video stream.

Table tab

Tab only active for the Table content type. Allows you to enter data in the form of a table.

You can use additional content formatting tags in the table. See the article Tags in tables.

Interactive tab

Interactive screen saver

If the region is in interactive screen mode, selected slides can act as a screensaver. They will be shown during inactivity (no user action for a certain period of time).

Hide interactive menu

If the region is in interactive screen mode, an additional menu is shown at the bottom or top of the screen. This can be hidden for selected slides.


The configuration of the interactive buttons is available in the bottom menu of the Content window under the Interactive button.


You can assign a keyboard shortcut that will launch the selected content. The content will be launched even if it is Off. So it may not be displayed as a fixed list item, but only on demand.


Use the usb remote to launch the presentation video. when you bring guests.


Artnet bookmark

Allows you to set the Universe and Channel that will trigger the content in question when the value exceeds 100. The content will be triggered even if it is Off. So it may not be displayed as a fixed list item, but only on demand. The option requires Artnet listening to be enabled in the player's general configuration on the Start tab.

You can read more about Art-net at:

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