Editing the appearance

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In the Appearance tab, you configure all settings related to the appearance of the player's screen.

To open the Appearance tab you need to:

  1. In Pictor Manager, connect to the selected player.
  2. In the top menu of the management window, click Appearance.

Multiple appearance templates

The system allows you to define multiple looks and select one of them as the active look. Define different looks for different seasons and switch them with a single click.


  • Choose an appearance - you can configure 20 different appearances. One of these is the default appearance (default first). You can use the others to configure an individual appearance associated with a specific playlist of the main region (see Region 1 Settings, Playlists tab). 
  • Rename - assign an individual name to the selected appearance. Makes configuration easier when using multiple appearances. 
  • Set - change the default screen appearance

Appearance configuration


Here you configure the number of regions / screen areas. Each region occupies its own place on the screen and displays content independent of the other regions. On the left-hand side of the window, you can select the region you wish to configure by clicking on its tile.

  • Region layout - the player's screen can display several regions/areas simultaneously (division of the screen into regions). Here you can choose how the screen will be divided. Further region layouts are continuously added in system updates. 
  • Name - in order to identify the configured region more easily, you can give it a name, e.g. On the left, On the bottom, etc. 
  • Appearance - the colours of slides containing texts, e.g. text announcements, weather forecast, air condition, photo descriptions. Read more.

These settings are general for all slides played in a region. But you can change them for a specific slide in the Colours and Appearance option in the slide configuration window.
  • 4K video – This option enables high-resolution playback mode on 4K screens. In this mode, programmatic transitions between video content do not work (they should be made in the video) and no logo is displayed above the video content. Use this option if you have a 4K screen and are viewing high-resolution videos.

Tickers / Information strips

In the tab, we configure the appearance settings for the information bars.

  • Active - option to enable or disable the visibility of the bar.
  • Bar type- you can choose from the following types of information bar:
    • Text scrolling - the text of the bar scrolls from right to left. 
    • Text substitution - the lines of the bar test are shown sequentially on the bar. 
    • Date and time - the bar shows the current time in one corner of the screen and the date in the other. This type does not use any additional text.
  • Top/bottom colour - configuration of the bar's colour. If the top and bottom colours are different the bar will have a colour scheme of a smooth transition between colours (gradient). 
  • Height - the height of the bar in pixels. The default of 0 (zero) means that the height of the bar is calculated automatically based on the font size. If you enter a value greater than 0 (zero) in this field, the bar will change height to the entered value (pixels). 
  • Top of screen - select this option if the bar is to be shown at the top of the player screen. Otherwise, it will be shown at the bottom. 
  • Speed - the speed at which the text scrolls for scrollable text type bars or swaps text to the next for swapable text type bars. Font - the configuration of the bar's font


  • Show clock - option to enable the visibility of the clock in the top right corner of the screen above the slides displayed.


Optionally, you can show a Date and Time type information bar that also shows the clock.

  • Show logo - option to enable the showing of an image with a logo. The image is shown above the displayed slides. 
  • Transparency - the transparency level of the image uploaded as a logo. 

  • Show logo at selected position - change the default position and size of the logo image according to the parameters given below.

You can upload the logo as a png image with transparency of the side parts of the image. This will improve the appearance of the logo.


Use the Export option to save the appearance data to a file. You can then restore them in the future.

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