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Information bars are textual information at the bottom and/or top of the player screen. Depending on the settings (Appearance menu), the texts of the bars can be scrolled or replaced. In addition, there are predefined bar types, e.g. Date and Time, which do not display any additional text. Information taken from RSS feeds can be displayed in the bars.

Screen with 2 information bars at the top and bottom of the screen.

The system supports up to four information bars. After clicking on the Information Bars menu, select which bar you want to configure.

The appearance of the information bars is configured in the Appearance menu, Information Bars tab.

Text data

Content to be displayed

Text to be displayed on the information bar. Type the text on consecutive lines separated by the Enter key. They will be shown one after the other in the case of swap bars, and separated by a separator in the case of scroll bars.


You may use date and time stamps in your content. See Tags in text.


For scrollbars (configured in the Appearance menu), a separator is inserted between consecutive texts.

Remember! You can precede and end the separator with the appropriate number of spaces, which will result in a larger space between the scrolling texts.

RSS feeds

RSS is the standardised data format in which news services publish news. You can display information from any number of rss feeds consecutively in each bar. Once you have navigated to the RSS Feeds tab, you can use the buttons at the bottom to add a new RSS feed or edit and delete it.

  • Title - an additional text name for the rss feed only. 
  • Add before each content - each displayed entry from the feed will be preceded by the entered title of the feed.
  • URL - enter the network address of the RSS feed from the selected service into this field (copy it from your browser). 

  • Element data - set what content of the rss elements (i.e. individual news items) is to be displayed in the feed. 

  • Channel data - select whether the title or description of the feed is to be displayed between the content as well.

  • Refresh time - how often the program is to retrieve new data from the feed. It is usually not necessary to set this parameter to less than 30 minutes.

Please note that you need to check whether the service in question allows you to publish data under the conditions in which the player is operating. You can enter the title of the feed in the Title field. All texts from the Title field can be shown before the rss feed data.

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