Preparing the player's computer

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Instructions for preparing your computer to work as a player with Pictor Digital Signage.

You do not have to strictly adhere to the following guidelines. Treat them as suggestions and tailor the configuration to your needs.

Windows settings


Be sure to disable the options for automatically putting your computer to sleep and turning it off. In addition, set a Do Not Disturb mode schedule.

Power and sleep

The computer must not shut down or blank the screen.

  • Setting Off after: Never
  • Set to Sleep after: Never


We limit the possibility of displaying notifications

  • Setting Enable automatic activation of Do Not Disturb mode
  1. Select During these hours and set the hours from 00:00 to 23:59 and Repeat: Daily.


Disable the option to enter a password when exiting sleep mode Additionally, we encourage you to change the user icon to the Pictor icon.

  • Login options - If the user does not have a login password, you must temporarily add one to show other options. To do this, click Password - assign a temporary password e.g. a.
  1. Setting Login required set Never
  2. Set Password - change the password to blank (no password). You will be prompted for your previous password.
  • Your information- we would be pleased if you would change your user icon to the Picto system iconr (download icon file).
  1. Select File option, Browse Files button - press and point to an image from the disk.


Enabling automatic hiding of the Windows taskbar.

  • Taskbar
  1. Taskbar behaviour
    • Check the Automatically hide setting

Time and language

The language in which you will present content should be selected in the operating system. Change the system language if necessary.

  • Language and region
  1. Preferred languages - Add a language. Select the language to be installed. Before installation, select Set as my display language for Windows. The change requires you to log in again, but you can do this later.

Local group policy editor

A list of the settings you make from the Local Group Policy Editor window. To start the Local Group Policy Editor, do the following:

  1. Start the Command Prompt application (shortcut cmd) as administrator.
  2. Type the command gpedit and click the Enter key.

Hours of silence

With this function, all notifications on the computer screen will be muted so that they do not interfere with the presentation.

In the Local Group Policy Editor window, select:

User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> All settings. Then search for and change the following settings:

  • Set the time Quiet Hours begins each day - set value 0
  • Set the time Quiet Hours ends each day - set value 1439

No password expiry time

With this function, the user's password will not expire. Even if the password was set to blank it will need to be changed if this function is not configured correctly.  

In the Local Group Policy Editor window, select the option:

Computer Configuration -> Windows settings -> Security settings -> Account policies -> Password policy. Then search for and change the following settings:

  • Maximum password age - set to 0.

Disabling automatic updates

This setting works in Windows 10 IoT LTSC 2021.

In the Local Group Policy Editor window, select the option:

Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> All settings. Then search for and change the following settings:

  • Configure Automatic Updates - set to Disabled.

Installation of Pictor Player

Install the Pictor Player software downloaded from our website.

Adding to the autostart

Pictor Player should start automatically when you start your computer.

  1. Open a Windows Explorer window.
  2. At the top of the window, manually type folder: shell:startup and click Enter. The Autostart folder will open.
  3. Add a shortcut to the Autostart folder for Pictor Player by, for example, copying it from the desktop and pasting it into the Autostart folder.

Adding an incoming firewall rule

The programme opens a call waiting for local management (TCP port 6003 by default) and attempts to connect to a server making remote connections (TCP port 6004 by default). On most computers, you will see a firewall prompt when you first start Pictor Player. You should allow the connections. Otherwise, you will probably not be able to manage content on the local connection.

Wallpaper replacement

Feel free to change your system wallpaper to one of our wallpapers. It will be visible for a short period of time when the computer starts up.

To change the wallpaper, please:

  1. Download the wallpaper from our website: Horizontal wallpaper / Vertical wallpaper.
  2. Right-click on the downloaded image and select Set as desktop background.

Change the access rights to the programme data folder 


Follow the instructions below ONLY if you have received a special version of the installer from us.

Some installers may save data to, for example, the C:ProgramData folder of the Pictor Software S To allow the data in the folder to be changed by the Pictor Player, which may be working with different permissions than the installer that created the folder you need to:

  1. Left-click on the data directory and select Directory Properties.
  2. Go to the Security tab
  3. Click the Edit button
  4. Check Allow all on all users.
  5. Confirm using the Ok button.

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