Region settings

Modified on Wed, 12 Jun at 7:35 AM

To open the region settings window, press the Settings button at the bottom of the window in the Content window.

The region settings window has the following options.

  • Default playlist - the list that will be played if the calendar does not indicate another list. Default display time - the time in seconds how long the default text content will be shown. 
  • Default animation - the type of graphic transition between consecutive slides. 
  • Region type- each region can operate in the following modes: 
    • Loop playback - consecutive slides are shown automatically in a loop of a given playlist. No user action is required. 
    • Interactive screen - The region does not automatically switch slides. It waits for the user to press a button. The first of the slides is the main menu (suggested type of this slide is Interactive Menu with buttons leading to other slides). 
  • Do not interrupt playback when changing the playlist - if the playlist changes, the currently playing slide will be immediately interrupted and playback of the new playlist will begin. If this option is selected, the currently playing slide will be shown until it ends (e.g. until the end of the video), and only then will the list be changed.
  • Automatically add new files from the data directory to the playlist - if this option is selected and new video or image files appear in the data directory, they will automatically be added to the playlist. The option can be used in conjunction with synchronising the playlist from an FTP server. When checked, simply upload or delete files in the relevant FTP server directory to change the playlist. 
  • Shared settings - in more complex configurations, we can choose for a region to share settings with another region. Then we do not have to change them in each region separately. This option is useful when the Appearance (with it the layout of the regions) varies depending on the selected playlist. 
  • Speech tempo-the option to change the speech tempo for the read texts. Mute speech - the option to completely mute all read messages.

All options only work if the region is in interactive screen mode (Region type: Interactive screen).

  • Show interactive menu - show a special interactive screen menu with buttons leading to the main menu, back and forward (selected by default). 
  • Interactive menu at the bottom - if the option is selected the interactive screen menu will be at the bottom of the region. Otherwise, at the top of the region. 
  • Interactive menu above content - if this option is selected, the interactive screen menu will be shown on the slides displayed. You can then configure, for example, its semi-transparency. 
  • Screensaver delay - if there is no user activity for a certain number of seconds, the player will start showing in a loop the slides that have been marked with the Show as interactive screen saver option. The screensaver will be switched off if the screen is touched. 
  • Button captions- the texts of the special menu buttons of the interactive screen. Colours and appearance - the option to set the background colour (you can set semi-transparency), the colour of the buttons, the size of the buttons.

  • Name - an option to give successive playlists their own names, which will be displayed instead of the default name in other places where playlists are used. 
  • Disable FTP sync - if you select this option, the playlist in question will not be downloaded from the ftp server (the option to download from ftp is set in the player's general configuration on the Start tab). Users can configure it locally. 
  • Active - if you uncheck this option the given playlist will not be visible elsewhere in the player's configuration. 
  • Appearance - for each home screen playlist you can choose a different layout of the displayed content. You configure the layouts in the Appearance tab. This allows you to configure playlists that are displayed on the whole screen and those that show additional regions. 
  • Region 2 (3, 4) playlist - the number of the additional region playlist to be played when the configured playlist is displayed on the home screen. You can link the information of the additional regions to a specific list of the main region.

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